The Kabyle tale of the jackal

The jackal is an emblematic animal of the Kabylian mountains. The inhabitants of the region attribute to it qualities of cunning and malice. Many Kabyle tales recount the mis(adventures) of the jackal. The jackal is most often confronted by humans, from whom it tries...

Folktales that scare or inspire dreams

We love the tales of yesteryear, the scary stories, the legends and myths that inspired our ancestors and shaped who we are today. A folk tale always reveals a culture, a way of thinking, and teaches us more about the places we visit. When we’re making a trip, we like to stop off in a bookshop or a service station at the other end of the world to find story books, folktales. These books stay with us for the duration of a trip, and sometimes longer. That’s why we’ve decided to offer you this category on The fox diary.

Turn out the lights, light the candles and discover what our folktales have to offer, alone or in groups.