About us

Hi guys! We’re Lilla and Samy, two fox partners in life, passionate about travel and adventure and creators of The Fox Diary blog. We share a love of nature, a curiosity about the world’s cultures, a desire to meet new people and a love of craft beer and hot chocolate!

We’ve created this travel blog to recount our adventures, share our experiences and gather yours. So don’t hesitate to write to us on our blog or on our insta account.

The Fox Diary

Short presentation

I’m Samy, wildlife photographer and hiking guide in Iceland. I’ve already travelled all over Europe (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Belgium, France, Sweden, Norway, etc.), Turkey, Iran and Algeria. I’m passionate about self-sufficiency and long treks in remote places.

I’m Lilla, travel agent. I work in Iceland, France and Algeria. I particularly enjoy travelling to the Nordic countries. I also plan to visit Eastern Europe and South Asia.